Technical Support

Techincal Support

As Ireland’s most well known developer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of polymer based systems, we operate one of Irelands leading research & development laboratories for the development of glues, coatings and sealants. Not only do our laboratories develop polymer based products, we also have a heavy involvement in the development of functional products such as performance building elements and structural assemblies.

Our technical expertise covers six specific areas:

  • Product research & development. We continually develop new products and modify existing products to suit individual customers needs and requirements.
  • Adhesion testing. Using our suite of test equipment, we test the adhesion of different adhesives to a vast array or synthetic & natural materials.
  • Joint design. We also assist in determining the best joint profile, dimensions and design to accept the stresses and strains of the items being manufactured.
  • We are often contracted to carry out research on new product design & fabrication. All of this work typically takes place within the confines of an NDA and Patent Application.
  • As Adhesive Chemists, we are fully aware of the safe use of adhesives within the manufacturing sector and we provide in-depth consultancy to many companies.
  • Analytical services. We are often called upon to provide testing services and expert witness services in disputes over materials degradation and quality issues.
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We constantly evaluate & select some of our products, to determine their suitability for your specific application. Every day, we receive material samples from customers and combined with on site design and engineering support, application testing, validation and integration, we can determine the optimum manufacturing procedure for your product. We maintain a reference library of over 400 substrates & materials, consisting of a whole host of metals, plastics, composites, wood, rubbers, specialty materials, elastomers and masonry/building materials. This enables us to do full and complete evaluation in order to determine the best adhesive for the job.

We operate a fully equipped organic chemistry laboratory in which we synthesise novel water-based binders and additives, based on technology which is unique to us and forms the basis of the value added products which we manufacture. Our extensive range of test equipment allows us to test and measure the most important properties of both our products and the materials being bonded.

Basic parameters such as viscosity, rheology, opacity, pH, total solids, porosity.

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We carry out a range of test procedures including but not limited to: Tack, Peel Adhesion, Tensile Tests, Elongation at Break, Shear (dynamic & static), Microscopy, Chemical Analysis (using wet chemistry & instrumental analysis), Resistance (water, heat & cold).

We have many years of expertise in Mechanical Testing & Characterisation, analysis of bonded joints, fracture analysis & joint design.

We offer a comprehensive technical service program to ensure that our products work effectively in your processes and meet your manufacturing expectations.

Research forms the cornerstone of our business. We carry out defined proactive research programme in the area of functional coatings & adhesives. Currently, we are developing novel Graphene based adhesive chemistry in conjunction with CRANN (the Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures & Nanodevices) based at Trinity College Dublin.

We have a very active research programme with the Institute of Technology Tallaght who, on our behalf, have started Phase II trials of a very novel antifungal & antibacterial coating which we have developed. This coating has been shown to kill 100% of E.coli, MRSA & C.diff.

Going hand in glove with adhesive, tape & sealant application, is joint design.

Adhesive joints are not geometrically limited in the same way as mechanical fixings are and we regularly assist designers & engineers in all aspects of joint design. This is particularly important in dynamic bonding applications where the potential effects of mechanical shock & vibration must be fully understood.

We partner closely with our customers, allowing them to concentrate on the mechanical & environmental stresses which a bonded joint may be expected to withstand during its entire service life.

We are the leading Irish company for research into novel formaldehyde free biodegradable adhesives for fibre bonding applications. We have recently completed Phase II trials for a unique non-hazardous fibre bonding adhesive which will be the first of its kind in Europe.

Whatever your application, we have the expertise, products and facilities, to solve your problem’s on time, every time.