Laboratory Testing

Out of our overall business ethos of providing our customers with the best possible service and products, it became clear that we needed to be in a position to research and test various options to arrive at the most appropriate and beneficial solution for our customer. In order to achieve this very fundamental business aim we have built and equipped two state of the art laboratories in our Clondalkin premises.

Our laboratory staff include an MSc in Chemistry and an Engineering graduate. We are also in a position to call on further support from our suppliers, most of whom have large research and development centres staffed by very highly qualified specialists from a wide variety of backgrounds. They will work with us both in their own and our own laboratory facilities as well as where necessary directly on customer sites.


We are dedicated to positioning ourselves as the provider of innovative adhesive solutions to our customers’ needs.  We are committed to a program of on-going research in order to test and bring the very best new products to the market.

We very much welcome all our customers and potential customers to visit our laboratory facilities in order that they can see for themselves what we are capable of doing to provide them with the very best adhesive solution for their particular application and business need.

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Our laboratory facilities enable us to:

  • Undertake in-depth research to ascertain precisely what adhesive solution provides the optimum result for our customers’ specific applications;
  • Work with our customers own substrates to test them with various adhesives until the most satisfactory result is achieved;
  • Conduct laboratory tests on current customer applications with a view to providing substantive examination of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Be in a position to provide full laboratory reports on best application process and tensile strengths etc
Research at W.I Polymers

Research at W.I Polymers