Penloc VT Plus

Penloc VT Plus


  • Penloc® VT Plus Is a very thick 2-part toughened acrylic structural adhesive.
  • It has an open time of approx. 20 minutes and will cure in approximately one hour.
  • Penloc VT Plus will bond almost any material combination except low surface energy materials such as PP, PE and PTFE.
  • Penloc VT Plus exhibits good gap fill capability.
  • It can be used to bond metals that require powder coating afterwards.
  • It will tolerate -40°C to +200°C

Available in 50ml and 400ml cartridges.


For more information about Penloc VT Plus, please feel free to view the technical data sheet in the link below.

Penloc-VT-plus Technical Data Sheet