Paracol Wood D4

Paracol Wood D4


  • One-component, white, transparent drying up glue
  • On the base of polyvinyl acetate
  • Exceptional adhesion strength
  • High water resistance. The water and temperature resistance can be raised by using high process temperature (e.g. +70°C).
  • The adhesive conforms to the D4 standard according to DIN/EN 204-D4


  • Excellent for the bonding of (tropical) wood, paper, cardboard and other porous materials
  • Also recommended for the bonding of wooden constructions such as window frames…
  • Can also be used for the bonding of difficult wood types, such as larch and oak.


Available in 750g, 25Kg and IBC’s



For more information about Paracol Wood D4, please feel free to view the technical data sheet in the link below.

Paracol Wood D4 TDS