Parabond Panel & Decoration

Parabond Panel & Decoration


  • One component, universal, and ready to use MS hybrid polymer based glue
  • Extremely strong when dry
  • Cures very fast
  • Vertical bonding
  • Full surface bonding
  • Apply with a coarsely serrated equalising comb
  • Easy to spread
  • Excellent bonding on various materials, even on moist supports
  • Phthalate, solvent, water and isocyanate free
  • Lasting elasticity
  • Extremely high bonding capacity
  • Powerful, but elastic glued groove


  • For all vertical full surface bonding : bonding panels in stainless steel in professional kitchens, bonding tiles and boarding/panelling, covering lifts with aluminium panels…
  • As a universal adhesive, extremely appropriate to vertically glue all types of material (treated wood, cork, enamel, tiles, PVC, stainless steel, various synthetic materials
  • Suitable for use on both absorbent and non-absorbent bases such as concrete, brick, tiles, stuccowork, chipboard, mosaic, gypsum…
  • Also appropriate for bonding on slightly humid surfaces, tile on tile and stainless steel.


For more information about Parabond Panel & Decoration, please feel free to view the technical datasheet in the link below.

Parabond Panel & Decoration TDS