Butyl Tape

Butyl Tape

Egbon 214 is a self-adhesive, butyl rubber based sealant extruded as sealing tape in e. g. rectangular
profiles (in thickness from 0.5 to 40 mm, in width from 3 to 400 mm and up to a length of
200 m) or in circular profiles (up to 80 mm diameter).


Supplied on silicone release paper or film EGOBON 214 is suited for a wide range of
applications and features excellent properties such as:

-permanent bond
-immediate performance
-free from solvents and bitumen
-physiologically harmless
-high insulation value
-high water vapour resistance
-easy to install
-water resistant and waterproof
-resistant to ageing, weathering and UV-radiation
-good adhesion to and good compatibility with most common building   materials
-for general information concerning butyl sealants please refer to
IVD Instruction Sheet No. 5 (IVD = German Sealant Manufacturer‘s   Association)

Available in 1mm x 10mm and 2mm x 20mm