WI Polymers have a variety of high performance adhesives for the assembly of composite products. Cutting-edge adhesive formulations are available for bonding fiber composites to themselves and numerous different substrates. These versatile adhesives are designed to provide the highest mechanical strength and peerless performance even upon exposure to extreme conditions.

The unique nature of the composites has made them extremely popular for high tech applications requiring lighter weight and higher strength. Bonded interfaces exhibit outstanding impact/fracture toughness, tensile, compression, creep, stress fracture and shear capabilities. Some of the most commonly used composites include carbon fiber, glass fiber, kevlar and graphite reinforced composites. Most often, these substrates are easily bondable. However, it is important to carry out the necessary surface preparation in order to ensure good bonding. Many times, composites are coated with a mold-release agent or a gel coat, which inhibits its ability to be bonded well to other substrates. Hence, thorough degreasing needs to be carried out to provide a surface free of any contaminants. Frequently, mechanical abrasion of the composites is also carried out to further improve its bond strength. For more information on our ranger of adhesives for the Composite Industry please contact us.