Marble Repair Made Easy!

Marble Repair Made Easy!

Marble Glue Supplier

Handy marble repairs with our epoxy glue!

Marble, a somewhat expensive material at the best of times. Stains fairly easily and cold to the touch, it still finds use in the manufacture of fire place surrounds, worktops and the like.

As a major supplier of both glues and sealants to the construction industry, we are occasionally asked for advice on the repair of marble, especially when used in commercial flooring applications.

The repair itself is relatively straightforward, and as long as some simple rules are followed, the repair may be completely unnoticeable!

So lets go! First we need to ensure that the marble is both clean and dry. We suggest the use of our DP526 cleaning agent. Its colourless, slow evaporating and 100% biodegradable. Using a lint free cloth, wipe the bond surfaces. Repeat this two or three times, just to ensure a clean surface.

Now to the glue. Decades of glue expertise tells us that the most user friendly glue is quick cure epoxy resin. We have a range of epoxy resins, liquid, pastes and gels, with a range of working times and fixture times. The liquid five minute working time grade is the workhorse for our customers.

Method of mixing the epoxy depends on the pack size. The 25 ml epoxy can be extruded onto a piece of metal and mixed manually. The 50 ml and 400 ml cartridges require the use of a static mixer. More details upon request. Apply the epoxy resin to one side of the marble, and if possible, clam the parts lightly. If clamping is not possible, plan your supports before you start to glue. After the glue has been applied and the parts clamped, use a sharp craft blade knife, to gently remove excess glue. Clean the joint line with our DP526, and set everything aside for 12 hours

Epoxy resin cures quickly, so have everything ready before the repair is undertaken.

Want to know more about our range of industrial glues and sealants, and handy usage tips? Contact our Sales Department and let our glues work for you!