A Metal Gluing Job?

A Metal Gluing Job?

Glue supplier Ireland

Glue supplier IrelandStructural metal glues are with us now!

Gluing metal has never been so easy. Any you know, irrespective of the metal, or indeed the application in which it is used, we have the ideal metal gluing solution.

In general terms, attaching two pieces of metal together, has been the traditional preserve of the mechanical engineering workshop. Welding, brazing and an infinite selection of mechanical fixings, such as nuts and bolts, have made joining metal an easy and a well understood task. However, there are alternatives and in some jobs, only glue will do.

We are proud to distribute the widest range of glues, suitable for any metal! These adhesives reflect the highest level of performance available today. They all have one thing in common, exceptional ease of use, combined with adhesion, toughness and environmental resistance which you need.

They are available from stock, in a variety of pack sizes, ranging from 25 ml to 200 lts. We also offer the complete range of application guns. From general purpose application guns to high output pneumatic guns….it’s all here.

The supply of these products, comes with out technical expertise. Expertise which is built on decades of experience and knowledge in various disciplines including engineering and science.

So next time you have a metal gluing application, let our responsive service work for you.