Looking For Composite Glue Advice?

Looking For Composite Glue Advice?


Don’t be left behind!

Wondering how to glue composite materials? Wondering what is the best glue to use and the best way to use it?

We can take the guesswork out of all of your composite gluing problems! Did you know that dozens of companies all over Ireland are using composite materials in place of metal components? In particular, the transportation sector has seen a large increase in the use of light-weight composite materials . However, unlike metals, composites cannot be welded and oftentimes, glue is the only and best option.

If you want to stay ahead of the game, download our latest Technical Paper on Gluing Composites Successfully. This Technical Paper outlines the key benefits & features of using methacrylate, epoxy & elastic adhesives for gluing different types of materials commonly found in the transport sector such as in the rail, bus and truck sector.

W.I Polymers are located in Dublin and we are Irelands leading research based manufacturer of adhesives, sealants & functional chemicals. With full Research & Development laboratories and active research programmes in the area of adhesives for composites, we are only a phone-call away!