The Ideal Glues For Gutter Repair!

The Ideal Glues For Gutter Repair!

Having gutter issues?

Our name travels far and wide. Known as the bespoke supplier of glues and sealants for a wide range of applications, we stock Ireland’s most extensive range of adhesive products for any application imaginable.

Within the area of building and construction, roof and gutter installation and repair, are areas in which our expert advice is often sought. Broken gutters will lead to a host of issues, such as mould growth and the damage which water ingress causes. The buildings structure is compromised.

Our laboratories regularly come across the same issue. An adhesive being used when it is a job for a sealant, and a sealant being used when it is a job for an adhesive. Each product has a different purpose. The adhesive, is designed to glue things together. The sealant (or mastic as it is often incorrectly called), is designed to seal a joint. Gutter repair can be a straightforward task, and if you follow our suggestions, you’ll be finished in no time at all.

First of all, don’t bother going to a DIY shop to buy materials for repairing gutters. You will get quite a bit less than you pay

 Your will get DIY materials at professional prices,ere at W.I Polymers, we have professional products at reasonable prices, plus the technical expertise which you could expect from Ireland’s leading research based adhesives & sealants manufacturer.

We can divide gutters into two families, metal and plastic. Metal gutters may be cast iron, lead, galvanized steel, plastisol coated steel or aluminium. Plastic gutters are typically made from PVC and other more specialised plastic materials.

Irrispective of the material, the preparation of the surface for gluing or sealing, is critical. Materials used to make or repair gutters must be clean & dry before any bonding or sealing takes place.All old leaking gutters must first be cleaned using household bleach mixed two parts bleach with eight parts water. All traces of mould must be removed using a stiff brush.

Gutters should be solvent wiped. This is particularly advantageous with PVC gutters which are being extended as they are frequently coated with lubricating agents used when the PVC is being extruded. Our X320 is the perfect choice for removing any surface contamination. Holes or cracks in metal should be filled with our X95 steel filled epoxy. Holes or cracks in PVC can be repaired with the use of an offcut of PVC, which can be bonded with our 725 Wet & Dry PVC Cement.

Sealing gutters & downpipes is a straight forward process if the right products are used. There is no doubt, that the best sealant adhesive on the market is Parabond 600 adhesive sealant. This is a revolutionary product which finds extensive use in private & commercial applications. This product forms a weatherproof seal on all of the currently used gutter materials. It maintains its flexibility over a very wide temperature range and may be painted with most water-based and solvent based paints. It may be applied using standard sealant application guns.

Several of our butyl tapes also find applications in general roof & gutter repair. Our BT18 2mm x 20 mm butyl tape is commonly used for the repair of Kingspan® type solid roof’s & roof lights.

Finally, the repair of flashing may accompany the repair of a gutter. Typically, lead is used for flashings. Due to the increase in the theft of lead flashing, alternatives to lead, such as Perform ® or Ubiflex ®, are now becoming more common. For sealing these materials, Parabond 600 is typically used. Again, our X320 is suggested for degreasing the materials before the Parabond 600 is applied.

Our technical specialists are always available to offer advice. We are only a phone-call away!!