Parabond Construction Sealant.

Parabond Construction Sealant.

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The all-round sealant!

Exterior mastic sealants are faced with tough conditions. They have to stand up to a wide range of temperatures and humidity and even after years of exposure to these conditions, they should be intact. Will your sealant offer you the guarantee of many years of service, through the toughest weather conditions?

As one of Europe’s  largest formulators and manufacturers of industrial sealants, DL Chemicals know what a top quality sealant should do. They know of the rigours of the harshest weather, and understand what today’s sealant applicator wants from a sealant.

Welcome to Parabond Construction, a unique sealant formulated for use in a range of tough jobs.

First of all, what is it? Well Parabond Construction is a unique single component neutral curing hybrid polymer sealant which exhibits permanent elasticity and adhesion to a wide range of building materials. It is highly elastic, watertight and has a long service life (didn’t I say unique)!

Where can you use it? Due to its unique formulation, Parabond Construction is eminently suitable in sealing both horizontal and vertical construction joints in all interior and exterior applications. It bonds to a wide range of construction materials including aluminium, zinc, copper, natural stone, concrete, brick and glass. In fact, it will bond to most commonly used building materials. So why should you stock several sealants when Parabond Construction is such a multipurpose sealant?

Do you want to get to know the fantastic benefits which using Parabond Construction could offer you? The product is available from stock in both 290 ml cartridges and 600 ml foil packs. Application is through a standard mastic sealant gun and Parabond Construction is available in a range of colours.

For expert advice in are areas of mastic sealant specification, please contact our laboratories.