Options For Gluing Cast Iron.

Options For Gluing Cast Iron.

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Glue IrelandOptions for gluing Iron

Iron, one of the oldest metals known to man and so important, it had a period of evolution named after it. For as old as it is, Iron still plays an important part in a whole range of manufacturing sectors.

Iron is a silver-grey soft, malleable, ductile, high strength and above all, low cost metal. It is among the most abundant of all elements and the most widely used metal. Iron has high thermal and electrical conductivity, and is commonly used in applications where these properties are required.

In it’s pure state, Iron has a melting point of 1,538°C. Upon exposure to moist air, iron corrodes quickly and coating iron with other metals such as zinc can prevent rusting.

Where is iron used?

  • Manufacture of ship hulls & cranes.
  • Fabrication of machine tools.
  • Manufacture of garden furniture.
  • Manufacture of pipes and construction rebar.

So what are the options for gluing cast iron? Well depending on the application,  we can suggest some very effective glues from our range of products suitable for metal. Below, I have listed several of the typical options.

  • Superglues can be used for gluing small parts.
  • Epoxy resin can be used for gluing larger parts, for example repair applications.
  • Single part acrylic resins are used for sealing & gluing threads on iron pipes.
  • Two part acrylic resins are the preferred glues in most applications.
  • In high temperature applications, such as in the manufacture and repair of boilers, we have a range of one part products, which have excellent adhesion to enamelled surfaces. They also resist hot and cold cycling.

Irrespective of your application, here at W.I Polymers, we stock an extraordinary range of glues and sealants to meet every cast iron gluing challenge.