Bespoke Glue Service!

Bespoke Glue Service!

Glue Ireland

Glue IrelandThe right glue knowledge when and where you need it.

We receive glue requests from all over the world, and our industrial glues, and those of our supply partners may be used far and wide.

October was a busy month for us and again proved that our glue solutions know no borders.

We were contacted by an automotive manufacturer in Italy, who were looking for a structural glue to stick ABS (acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene) into a stainless steel housing. For us, the selection of the glue was simple, Scigrip SG5000. An acknowledged champion for metal, plastic and composite gluing. The fact that this grade was available with a working time of 40 minutes, was also a plus.

Using customer supplied materials and our Zwick 30 kN testing machine, we carried out several lap shear tests on samples bonded Scigrip SG5000. As expected, the results were impressive.

The ABS broke at a tensile reading  of 2719 P.S.I (roughly 18.5N/mm Sq). The Scigrip SG5000 has been tested to 4350 P.S.I (30N/mm Sq) so we knew the adhesive was perfectly suitable!

The best glue advice can be difficult to fine. We are now acknowledged as the  leading independent research based manufacturer and distributor of glues and sealants. Our products and services are used many companies in several continents.

For the best glue advice and the best product supply service, contact us!