The All In One Engineering Product!

The All In One Engineering Product!

Glue Supplier Ireland

Glue Supplier IrelandIt’s one number to ask for in a glue emergency!

As the leading glue manufacturer and supplier in Ireland, we are often asked about an all round glue. You know, the glue which should be in every engineering workshop? Yes there is, and its called Scigrip S999.

Scigrip S999 is a true multifunctional glue. It is a single part sealing and securing compound which contains Teflon.

With the consistency of thick gel, its non drip characteristics allows easy application. It cures very rapidly when in contact with metal within an airtight metal joint. Simplicity in a bottle!

Now when we say that it is an multifunctional glue, we are not overstating the possible applications for it. In what applications does it excel?

  1. Sealing threaded connections against water, oil and gas.
  2. Locking threaded connections in applications where a removable joint is needed.
  3. Making form in place gaskets for sumps and engine casings.
  4. Retaining unthreaded connections. These are normally circular metal to metal joints with smooth finishes and tight fits. S999 is ideal for use in securing bearings, splines and shafts.

Its so easy to use too! Apply sufficient product to fill the joint. Assemble your parts in the traditional manner and after a short time the product will solidify, and the job is done.After use, excess product can be easily cleaned away ensuring that any migration into lines, can be flushed away during commissioning. When fully cured, Scigrip S999 can resist pressures of upto 350 bar!

Scigrip S999 is available from stock, in handy 65 ml bottles. For all general purpose and emergency repairs, its the true all-rounder! Samples are available upon request.