Storing And Using Crosslinking Agents.

Storing And Using Crosslinking Agents.

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As the most well respected industrial adhesives supplier in Ireland, we know well of the importance of crosslinking agents. Crosslinking agents are used in a very wide range of our glues. Also known as hardeners, they alter the properties of the glue and in so doing, increase the performance characteristics of the glue film.

So what general properties are improved? Important in all gluing jobs, typically the strength of the glue is greatly increased. The heat resistance is also increased as is the water resistance.

Take for example the manufacture of rubber wet suits and inflatable boats. Without the use of the crosslinking agent, even the best glue would have a hard time. Likewise, we have many customers within the automotive trim sector. Without the crosslinking agent, that vinyl roof may break out in blisters.

We manufacture and distribute two classes of crosslinking agents, one for water based glues, and one for solvent based glues. For both types, here are some general suggestions:

  • Supply containers must be stored in a cool and dark place.
  • Once opened, the supply container should be closed immediately after the product has been decanted.
  • Crosslinking agents are always measured by weight, not volume.
  • When adding the crosslinking agent to the glue, ensure that the glue is stirred adequately, and that the glue is of a uniform colour.
  • When mixed with the glue, crosslinking agents impose pot life restrictions upon the glue. This may range from hours to days. Specific information may be found in the product Technical Data Sheet.

Now for some specific suggestions. Crosslinking agents for solvent based glues are incredibly moisture sensitive. Once opened, they will start to absorb moisture from the air. Therefore, all mixing tools etc. must be dry……bone dry!! Of course, crosslinking agents for solvent based glues, like the glue itself, contain solvents. Appropriate safety precautions must be taken. Specific information may be found in the product Material Safety Data Sheet.

All of our crosslinking agents for water based glues, are thin milky liquids. Adequate stirring and/or agitation is strongly recommended. These crosslinking agents are solvent free, however due care and attention must be given. Many of these products can cause skin irritation, and again, robust safety precautions should be taken.

Crosslinking agents are a vital part of many glues. The optimum storage and use of them, will turn a great adhesive into a fantastic adhesive!

For information on our incredibly large range of industrial glues, our technicians are always ready to help.