Unique Resins For Electronic Applications.

Unique Resins For Electronic Applications.

Glue supplier Ireland

Glue supplier IrelandProtective coatings for electronics.

Potting compounds, most of us are not so familiar with them, however, if they were not present, your car would not start or your satellite dish would malfunction!

What are they and how do they contribute towards an easier day? Potting compounds are two part pourable,  self-levelling liquid resins, which are used to protect sensitive electronic components from external influences.

When we say ‘external influences’ we talk about all of the conditions which delicate electronics need to be protected against, such as water, shock, vibration, impact, and UV light.

Where are they used? We supply a very wide range of customers within the microelectronics, electrical engineering and component sectors. Our products are used in the manufacture of transformers, rectifiers, capacitors, power modules, junction boxes, cable connectors and external switches.

Many of our potting compounds have been developed for specific customer applications and all products have been developed to meet the highest industrial standards.

As Ireland’s only manufacture of potting compounds, our technologist have developed a line of potting compounds, based on epoxy, polyurethane and silicone chemistries. Our products are supplied in pre-measured volumes and are exceptionally easy to use.

What benefits will our potting compounds offer you?

  • Available in the three key potting compound chemistries.
  • Ultra high electrical insulation.
  • High thermal resistance.
  • Very low to zero shrinkage.
  • Very high resistance to thermal cycling and thermal expansion.
  • Speciality grades offer protection against high voltage arcing.
  • Available in a selection of pack sizes.

To learn more about the exciting developments in our potting compounds and useful tips and techniques contact our Technical Service Department.