The All-round Plastic Glue!

The All-round Plastic Glue!

Scigrip Glue Ireland

Scigrip Glue IrelandThe next big thing in plastic glue is already here!

Looking for an all-round plastic glue? Want to glue PETG, polyurethane, PVC, polycarbonate and ABS?

Looking for a plastic glue which is water clear and has almost no odour?

Look no further than Scigrip SG 58. Scigrip SG 58 is a new two component solvent free glue which has been developed for use in a wide range of sign and display assembly operations.

Supplied in a 50 ml cartridge, the product has excellent adhesion to a wide range of thermoplastics and is the choice glue for gluing ABS, PETG and polycarbonate.

The ideal choice for gluing butyrate cap to polycarbonate, a common operation in channel letter applications.

What are the benefits of using Scigrip SG 58?

  • Water clear and almost no odour.
  • A two to three minute working time with a twenty minute fixture time.
  • Excellent flow and self levelling.
  • Excellent shear and impact strength.
  • Excellent resistance to UV light.

Scigrip SG 58 is available from stock. Application guns and a choice of static mixing nozzles and dispensing tips are also available direct from us. But don’t stop there. As the best known glue manufacturer and supplier in Ireland, we stock an enormous range of glues and primers, for gluing almost any kind of plastic.

Furthermore, we offer complete training in all aspects of glue use! Count on us as your glue partner.