Options For Gluing Leather.

Options For Gluing Leather.

Leather glue supplier

Leather glue supplierGluing leather has never been easier.

Leather is a natural material and in gluing it, we first have to know how porous the leather is. A porous leather, depending on application, may be glued with many of our water based glues.

However for most of the quality leather types, a solvent based glue is typically suggested and within this blog, we will concentrate on the latter.

We typically see leather being used in three distinct gluing applications.

  • As a decorative covering for small items, where medium strength is required. Such applications include the manufacture of cigar and jewellery boxes.
  • Bonded to rigid materials where no glue flexibility is required. Typical applications include the manufacture of bespoke table tops and the like.
  • Bonded to flexible materials, where a flexible glue is required. Applications will include the manufacture of belts, handbags and wallet linings¬†etc.

Therefore, taking these different factors into account, it is important that you use the right glue.

No matter what your leather gluing job is, we have the expertise to suggest the right leather glue from the extensive range of leather glues manufactured by Alpha Adhesives Ltd. Over many decades, Alpha have developed and market a range of high quality leather glues and as Alpha’s distributor in Ireland, we can always offer you the right leather glue, direct from our extensive stocks.

The use of the glue is simplicity itself. Using a brush, apply a thin layer of the selected glue to each side of the leather. Work from the centre out to the edge. Allow the solvent contained within the glue to evaporate. This normally takes about three minutes. Tap the glue film with the index finger. If no glue sticks to the finger, bring the parts together and clamp or use a rubber roller to ensure that the glued parts are firmly bonded. Allow the glued leather to sit for 24 hours before further processing or packaging.

Let our experts select the glue for you. They are available from our Dublin, Monaghan or Cork facilities.

Gluing leather has never been easier!