Glue’s Of Many Colours!

Glue’s Of Many Colours!

Threadlocker Glue Ireland

Threadlocker Glue Ireland

Selecting the right threadlocker.

Without the right advice, choosing the right glue can be a chore. Luckily enough, one type of glue that are relatively easy to identify and easier still to specify, are threadlocker glues.

Lets take a quick look at what threadlockers are. They are all single part glues which cure inside the male to female joint. To cure, they need two things, no contact with air and exposure to a metal surface. Exposure to the metal surface speaks for itself but no contact with air? Think about it, if we fill the threads with threadlocker glue, air is excluded, that’s what happens.

As a major supplier of threadlocker glue all over Ireland and even further afield, we are experts in selecting the right threadlocker glue for you. We are helped! Many years ago, several large manufacturers of threadlockers decided to create a colour coded range of threadlockers. These strength indicators are a good guide in selecting the type of threadlocker for a specific application. The task is simplicity in itself!

Purple: A low strength threadlocker, easily removed with hand tools. Scigrip T22 is the optimum choice for fine threads.

Blue: A medium strength threadlocker, designed to be removed using simple hand tools. Scigrip T943 is a typical example.

Red: A high strength threadlocker, almost impossible to remove! Scigrip T971 is ideal for fine threads and its cousin Scigrip T62 for course threads.

Green: A high strength threadlocker. Low thickness and just the job for small threaded parts. Scigrip T70 is the ideal permanent fit choice.

These threadlockers only form a part of the very extensive range of Threadlocking, retaining, pipe sealants and gasket products which we stock. Selecting the right glue to match your materials and processes, is what we do.

If you are looking for precision chemistry needed for your advanced gluing and sealing applications, look no further!