The Future of Polyurethane Sealants in Construction

The Future of Polyurethane Sealants in Construction

Glue Ireland

Glue Ireland

Future proof polyurethane sealants

Polyurethane sealants offer incredible advantages over other types of sealants.

The first major advantage, is their ability to be used in gaps of up-to 100 mm. They have excellent elastic recovery and extremely low shrinkage. They also have excellent UV resistance and quality polyurethane sealants will not crack or craze, even after years of exposure to harsh weather.

An analysis of the construction market in Ireland  provides us with a basis for sealant usage and helps us to identify the trends which will effect its continual growth:

  1. The renewed growth of the Irish construction sector.
  2. The continued increase in energy efficiency, effectively sealing gaps in structures.
  3. Warranties on new construction coupled with the costly call-backs, have made the Irish builder more aware of the benefits of using high quality polyurethane sealants.
  4. The increased use of various plastic and composite components in construction.
  5. The growing market in the manufacture if prefabricated buildings.

While none of these trends directly promotes the use of our polyurethane sealants, most are likely to directly or indirectly advance the use of polyurethane sealants within the Irish building industry. Several areas within the construction sector, have benefitted greatly from the use of our polyurethane sealants.

As an example, within the prefabricated building sector, the adhesion and flexibility of our polyurethane sealants, lends their use to sealing joints between wall and roof element’s, and in sealing doors, windows and access points for power and water services. In these applications, our polyurethane sealants will equal the expected life span of the building.

The future for high quality polyurethane sealant looks bright indeed.

Winroy Industrial Polymers are a provider of innovative polyurethane based sealant technologies that can be designed and delivered to meet your exact needs. Using our expertise in polyurethane sealant technologies, we design sealing solutions that go beyond what you will get from a low technology distributor.

For our  construction customers, we are more than a supplier, we are their ‘go-to’ partner for all polyurethane sealant applications.