High Temperature Silicone Approval.

High Temperature Silicone Approval.

Silicone Coating

Silicone Coating

The right coatings chemistry.

The success of silicone glue and silicone coatings  in the field of high temperature applications is based on their polymerised silicone composition.

These silicone products cure at ambient temperatures thus economising on the energy inputs needed for curing.

Due to environmental considerations, waterbased systems are becoming more essential in the manufacture of heat-resistant coatings. These coatings are used in a range of applications including decorative coatings for household items such as toasters, to industrial applications such as in the manufacture of stoves and ovens.

Utilising our waterbased silicone resin technology, the development of which gave us DP452, Ireland’s first locally manufactured waterbased silicone insulation coating, our technologists have gone one step further.

DP454, sets the new standard in a range of insulation coatings.

DP454 is a spray applied coating with ultra high temperature resistance. It was developed an a novel coating for application onto fibre loosing insulation, such as Rockwool. The product is spray applied, typically a one coat application is sufficient, however two coats are suggested for some applications.

Gone are the days where Rockwool could not be used in certain applications, due to fibre loss and subsequent contamination of surrounding areas. DP454 completely locks these loose fibres and prevents fibre loss when the insulation is being installed. In test after test, no loss of flexibility was observed!

DP454 is available in 25kg containers, 120 kg drums and 1000 kg IBC’s.

Technical Data Sheets are available upon request.