Complete Technical Support.

Complete Technical Support.

Industrial Glue Ireland

Industrial Glue IrelandComplete industrial support

All over Ireland, there are hundreds or industrial companies, who rely on our industrial products and our technical services.

Why…because we have the the experience and know-how to work across a variety of industries. Thanks to our broad and deep knowledge of both polymer chemistry and materials science and our deep customer collaborations, no application is beyond our capabilities.

Working closely with the worlds leading chemical companies, we are the leaders in creating new technologies. New solvent free adhesives and speciality functional coatings which repel water and insects and even prevent combustion. Our functional coatings provide relaible protection for buildings, both commercial and domestic.

Our adhesives, and those of our supply partners securely bond a wealth of materials, from wood to glass and steel to rubber, our products are everywhere. Our consultancy services are recognised for what they are…….the best available anywhere.

Take advantage of our full expertise.