Bonded Composites For Rail Applications.

Bonded Composites For Rail Applications.

Glue Ireland

Glue Ireland

Weight saving composite glues offering fire protection.

With the ever increasing use of composite materials in many areas of manufacturing, Scigrip Structural Adhesives have been at the forefront of developing new adhesive technologies for this important market. One area which has benefitted from unique adhesive research, are glues for use in the manufacture of rail super-structures and carriage interiors.

Using decades of adhesive research, Scigrip have developed a portfolio of adhesives, include a range of structural adhesives, formulated to comply with the most stringent fire safety requirements.

These are advanced two-component primerless methacrylate structural adhesives which are designed to bond permanently to a range of composite materials including prepreg materials such as phenolic and epoxy.

Why are prepreg materials becoming more and more common in this sector?

Well, with a weight saving of 50% less than aluminium and 70% less than steel, prepreg materials such as epoxy/glass fibre prepreg with aluminium honeycomb, epoxy/glass fibre prepreg or aluminium/stainless steel phenolic prepreg materials offer benefits.

As every rail operator knows, lighter rolling stock means reduced track load, reduced wear on wheels and overall lower maintenance costs…..every kilo of weight saving will make a difference.

For bonding composite prepreg’s in rail applications, Scigrip SG 230, Scigrip SG 300 and Scigrip SG 800 are the optimum choices. Each grade is finely tuned for specific applications but they give the railway manufacturing industry bonding solutions offering permanent toughness, permanent impact resistance, permanent shock load and permanent resistance to fatigue.

But what about fire safety requirements? Scigrip have you covered! All three adhesives have been tested to and conform with European Railway Standard EN 45545-2:2013 (Fire testing of materials and components for trains).

Let our laboratories work for you. Using our state of the art test equipment, we can show you the benefits of using Scigrip Structural Adhesives in your composite gluing applications.