New Electronics Grade Silicone.

New Electronics Grade Silicone.

Electronics Glue Ireland

Electronics Glue IrelandThe silicone for electronics applications.

Whether in a turbine or a solar sell, semi-conductors need to work under the most arduous of conditions, while all of the time, ensuring long term, reliable operation. Much depends on the correct selection of the potting resin, formulated to withstand years of harsh service conditions. As Ireland’s only manufacturer of electronics potting resins, we are pleased to introduce DP510-ZA, a unique potting resin with a unique curing mechanism.

DP510-ZA is a self-levelling silicone elastomer, based on a new two-component, RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) addition curing resin.

It was developed for potting electronics power modules, its high dielectric strength and insulation resistance being finely tuned to offer electronics manufacturers a potting resin which allows power modules to operate with maximum reliability over the long term. The product has excellent adhesion to a whole range of metals and plastics.

DP510-ZA may be used in other applications where a flowable, self-leveling silicone elastomer is required particularly in applications where there is a requirement to fill small gaps or voids. As an example, interest has been shown in using the product for potting electrical terminals and coating circuit boards.

For electronics with long term reliability, rely on our silicone elastomer chemistry, tailored solutions to your electrical applications.