Structural Adhesive Options

Structural Adhesive Options

Structural Glue Ireland

Structural Glue Ireland

Bespoke structural adhesives.

Without doubt, the Scigrip range of structural adhesives are the  most innovative range of adhesives on the market today.

Due to their enhanced performance, reduced costs and improved aesthetics, structural adhesives have become integral to the manufacturing sector, being used in the manufacture of everything from street furniture, to cars, aircraft, trucks and farm machinery.

Here at W.I Polymers, we are proud to offer  design engineers the  entire range of Scigrip structural adhesives which are specifically formulated to provide tough, durable bonds for a wide range of metal, thermoset composites, and thermoplastic substrates. Scigrip offers the worlds most renowned series of innovative, low VOC methacrylate adhesives that enable quicker, more economical and less labour intensive assembly operations than mechanical joining methods or welding techniques.

Methacrylate family of adhesives are particularly well-suited for transportation applications because of their high load-resistance, environmental and chemical resistance, and their ability to form bonds that are stronger than most of the materials they join.

All over Ireland, engineers, designers and materials managers employ our adhesive skill and Scigrip’s adhesives for a wide range of structural bonding applications. For example, within the bus, truck, rail, and military vehicle applications, the Scigrip adhesives are well known for strength, reliability, durability, torsional stiffness, temperature and weather resistance.

The Scigrip range of methacrylate structural adhesives are available in several product series, with a variety of curing times, from products that set in as little as 4 to 6 minutes for relatively small applications, or as long as 15 to 40 minutes for more complicated assemblies requiring precise positioning.

With the flexibility and dependability that you demand, Scigrip structural adhesives save time and energy, provide solutions that require little to no surface preparation on a whole range of materials.

Let us change the way you put things together.

For all of your structural gluing applications, contact our laboratories today.