Surface Primers For Glues And Sealants.

Surface Primers For Glues And Sealants.

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Glue Ireland

Is priming a necessity?

Are you gluing plastic, gluing metal or gluing glass? If so, is it always necessary to use a primer?

This is a question which our scientists are often asked. The answer depends on what materials are being glued together.

Some types of material need some type of surface preparation before they are glued to one another. For certain types of plastics such as polyethylene, and rubbers such as silicone, it is a prerequisite. Glass typically needs to be primed, especially when it is used in load bearing structural applications.

Correct surface preparation helps ensure the longevity of the glued joint, by transforming the surface in either a physical or a chemical way. The change which correct surface preparation makes, can be quite dramatic.

Surface preparation may be as simple as solvent wiping, or light abrasion, however for some materials, the use of a surface primer may be required.

Our surface primers greatly improve the adhesion of adhesives, sealants and tapes, onto a range of materials.They also provide a barrier against the migration of chemicals, either from the glue itself or materials which may leach from the substrates into the glue or sealant.

Surface primers are quite easy to use. They may be applied via spray, foam sponge or automatic roller. We can advise on the correct spray equipment and the equipment to measure continuous film thickness.

Why use our surface primers? Not only do we manufacture our own range of bespoke primers, developed for specific metal and plastic gluing applications, we also represent several companies, whose expertise in surface science, allow our chemists and engineers, to develop and optomise a primer system to suit your individual needs.

Mechanical testing in our physical laboratory, enables us to offer industry the bespoke bonding system. Our laboratories may be contacted at 01-4573754.