Foam Structural Adhesive Tapes.

Foam Structural Adhesive Tapes.

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Adhesive tape supplierStructural Foam Tapes are very often a misunderstood and unappreciated form of bonding. They are typically regarded as ‘lightweights’ and very often, we are surprised at customers disbelief in their power of adhesion

Structural foam tapes are used in an enormous range of applications and there are few products as versatile as structural foam tapes. Versatility is indeed their unique selling point. There is structural foam tape to suit any application.

Our structural foam tapes are the clean alternative to screws, rivets and other types of mechanical fasteners. Once they are applied upon the materials to be bonded, our foam tapes spread the stress loads over the entire surface, thus preventing the build-up of localised stress points.

They are quick and easy to use, and are available in a variety of types, roll width and thickness. In what sectors are our structural tapes used?

  • Automotive applications. For example, there are tapes for securing air intake grills, radiators, side mouldings, door trims, wind and water deflectors, spoilers and wheel arch trims.
  • Construction applications such as architectural cladding panels, kick plates, office partitions, skylights and in structural glazing jobs.
  • High temperature applications. For example, tapes are used in a wide such as bonding cooling elements, heat sinks, decorative panels for industrial ovens and grills.
  • Electronic applications. For example, masking PCB’s, bonding screens and LCD displays etc.

Within our range of foamed acrylic tapes, we have direct equivalents to 3M™VHB™tapes.

Irrespective of your application, our engineers will specify a structural tape for your application. With the ability to offer a full range of structural foam tapes, we will always have a product to meet your needs.