A New Instant Superglue

A New Instant Superglue

Glue Ireland

Glue Ireland

A novel instant superglue

Are you looking for a low viscosity superglue, which bonds rapidly, and can be applied with pinpoint accuracy?

What you need is the Scigrip CA25 superglue, in the novel pen applicator.

Scigrip CA25 is an instant superglue which is packed into a 10g tube. The tube is contained within a pen with a thumb operated dispensing button. Upon piercing the nozzle of the tube with the supplied pin, the superglue can be very accurately dispensed

Scigrip CA25 is a general purpose superglue designed to bond most metals, plastics, elastomers and will bond ceramics, wood and textiles among others.

Cure times vary according to the materials, but most combinations are very fast, fixing in approximately two to five seconds.

What is used for?

Typical applications for Scigrip CA25 superglue include gluing magnets, loudspeaker parts, lampshades, plastic fans to plastic motor housings, cord rubber bonding into “O” rings. Scigrip CA25 superglue is also used widely in the electronics industry and in the manufacture of jewellery.

What benefits with Scigrip CA25 superglue offer you?

  • Very fast curing-bonds immediately upon contact.
  • Low Viscosity (flows between small gaps).
  • Due to the unique pen design, the superglue can be applied with pinpoint accuracy.

Why bother with low quality superglue? Let the ease of glue application, and the strength of Scigrip CA25 Pen work for you.