The Use Of Glue In The Packaging Sector

The Use Of Glue In The Packaging Sector

PVA Glue Ireland

PVA Glue Ireland

Packaging glue

All over Ireland, Glue is used in a very extensive range of paper and card and board gluing jobs.

From the manufacture of corrugated board to the lamination of printed sheets and to packaging material, used for all types of consumers products from the production of large industrial tubes and cores used by manufacturers toilet tissue, cling film and aluminium foil. Glues can also be found in the products used by consumers everyday such as bathroom tissue, paper towels, and books.

In Ireland, the packaging sector accounts for one of the largest markets for industrial glues. Amongst the major areas are:

  • Paper Bags, side seam and bottom flap
  • Carton Side Seam and closures
  •  Ream Wrapping
  • Core Manufacture
  • Toilet Paper, pickup and tail-tie
  • Corrugated Board liner sheets
  • Envelopes
  • Film: Film and Film: Foil Laminates
  • Flexible Packaging

Why are glues common in the packaging sector? Certainly one reason, is that all ofPVA Glue Ireland these glues are water based, they do not chemically attack paper based materials, give fast bond strengths and may be applied by a whole range of application methods.

In developing and manufacturing our waterbased glues, we use both natural and synthetic raw materials and the latest technology available. And of our waterbased products are solvent free, isothiazolone free & plasticiser free. We are masters at creating products that satisfy our customers’ needs.

What specific areas are our glues used?

  • Glues for overprint packaging materials, in particular the various types of packag­ing materials used for foods, are their strength, stability to heat and impermeability to moisture, oxygen and flavours.
  • Flexible film lamination, typically polyester, cellophane, PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • Decorative lamination, laminating board with paper, in particular high gloss paper, it is possible to put product information on the cardboard and give the product a commercially attractive appearance.
  • Metallic foils are also often used. Our high solids water based glues, based on polyure­thane are used for laminating films.

Our commercial technical and manufacturing footprint enables us to deliver water-based adhesive products tailored to the needs of our customers and serve their diverse range of applications.