Scigrip Retaining Adhesives

Scigrip Retaining Adhesives

Scigrip Retaining AdhesivesEngineering adhesives from Scigrip

We are pleased to introduce the range of Scigrip securing and retaining compounds to the Irish market.

These products are designed to bond cylindrical non-threaded parts, to cylindrical assemblies, thus filling the space between the mated parts. Once assembled, they harden to create a solid bond.

Cylindrical bonded parts are found on many types of high stressed engineering applications. These parts tend to be machined for a close fit tolerance to accommodate the assembly of parts. Coaxial joints of this type, can be mated either through a press fit or slip fit, and may be further augmented by the use of the Scigrip Retaining Adhesives.

Why should you choose Scigrip Retaining Adhesives and what benefits do they offer?

  • Single part adhesives… mixing required!
  • Grades are stocked in handy 50 ml or 250 ml bottles.
  • Available in a choice of strengths, from dynamic to removable.
  • Excellent structural strength .

Why should you choose W.I Polymers as the supplier of your Retainer

  • We are a research based adhesives company. Our engineers & chemists. working in our laboratories, can design the complete bonding system for you.
  • In our Dublin Research Laboratories, we can carry out the full range of physical & structural tests, using your materials, with the Scigrip products.
  • We provide customers with full technical reports, allowing full confidence in the adhesive solutions which we provide.

There are five retainers in the Scigrip range. Each product designed with unique flow & strength properties:

  • R903, a high strength oil tolerant product. It has exceptionally high strength under cyclic loading and the product will retain its full strength under fatigue load stress. Resistance to lubricating oils combined with  excellent heat resistance. Used in the manufacture of gears, keyways, splines & bushes. It is also suitable for bonding rotors to shafts in low H.P motors.
  • R930, a dynamic strength, non corrosive adhesive for use at temperatures of up to 230°C. The product feature a substituted non-acrylic acid adhesion promotion system and is non-corrosive reducing skin sensitivity issues in use but still exhibits excellent adhesion. It has also been formulated to allow longer assembly times on highly reactive surfaces, such as brass and copper, to avoid partial curing during assembly. Used in the manufacture of housings & splines.
  • R938, a dynamic strength adhesive designed to give high strength retention under cyclic loading. Provides the advantage of low corrosion with the added benefit of a WRAS Approval  (WRC/NSF) BS6920 Cert No: 0411511 for potable water, both hot and cold. The product also conforms to MIL-R-406824, type II strength classification. Typically used in the manufacture of splined housings, bonding pins and bonding motor sleeves.
  • R940, a high dynamic strength, fast cure, low viscosity retainer. High temperature resistance of upto 180°C. Used as a cylindrical parts locking product and prevents movement and leakage from bonded components. The product is typically used in the manufacture of gearbox assemblies, and bonding rotor shafts in electric motor repair & assembly.
  • R941, a medium strength, medium viscosity bearing adhesive. The  optimum choice for  preventing bearing spin out. The product offers a reduced strength retainer for flat surfaces found on bearings and housings. Ease of disassembly with conventional tools enables the removal and replacement of parts in most maintenance applications.