How to Glue Perspex Acrylic Plastic

How to Glue Perspex Acrylic Plastic

Gluing Perspex

Perspex glue Ireland

Perspex acrylic plastic  glue explained

How to glue Perspex……its a question which we are asked on a weekly basis.

Both Perspex and Plexiglas are trade name’s  for a clear acrylic plastic. Acrylic is very versatile plastic that is widely used in an exceptionally wide range of industries, such as construction, automotive, aerospace and medical applications.

When gluing acrylic, there are a choice of glues to use. Below, we have details of three potential glues, all of which are suitable for gluing acrylic plastic. The choice depends on both the proposed method of application, end use application, and the required joint strength.

  • Superglue, such as Scigrip CA25 or Scigrip CA60 are good choices for lightweight applications such as decorative jewellery manufacture etc.
  • Solvent cements such as Weldon 4SC or Weldon 16, are ideal for making display cabinets, signs and the like.
  • For the most demanding applications, such as in the manufacture of high quality decorative panels, security barriers or other structural weight baring applications, we have a range of speciality adhesives.

All of these glues remain consistent in quality and in order to conform to your business’ important production standards – every time.

Why should you choose acrylic glues from us? We offer Europe’s best range of glues for gluing acrylic. Combined with this, we have three fully equipped laboratories. These facilities enable us to carry out structural tests, using your acrylic, and our glues.

Contact us today, and let us meet your acrylic gluing requirements.

Perspex ® is a registered trademark of Lucite International

Plexiglas ®a trademark of ELF Atochem, now a subsidiary of Arkema