Gluing Composite with Scigrip SG300.

Gluing Composite with Scigrip SG300.

Gluing Composite in Ireland? Here at W.I Polymers, we are the leaders in composite gluing. Combined with Ireland’s leading team of adhesive chemists & materials engineers, we are at the forefront of utilising the range of Scigrip structural methacrylate’s, in the most demanding gluing applications.

Composite glue Ireland

We recently had an  interesting application. A start-up company  in Cork wanted a composite glue, for the manufacture a newly designed two person camper caravan. We dispatched our mechanical engineer and materials scientist to the customers works.

Study of both the materials and joint dimensions, allowed us to specify the use of Scigrip SG300, which is a 10:1 mix ratio non-sag structural adhesive with excellent fatigue, environmental and shock load resistance. The initial application was to bond the external aluminium trims onto the GRP body. Given the success with the SG300 on the outside, it was only natural to look for applications inside.

Starting on the floor, we replaced all of the mechanical fixings for aluminium to mild steel bonding. We also bonded internal rails and handles. Finally using one of our structural tapes to maintain a uniform gap between the materials, we bonded aluminium trims to PVC storage cupboards. One adhesive, so many applications!

We give the customer the confidence in knowing, that we can advise on the best production environment conditions that will guarantee reproducible bond quality time and time again.

We can provide the perfect bonding solutions for your materials bonding needs.