Carbon Fibre Glue

Carbon Fibre Glue

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 Carbon fibre glue

How to Glue Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is a material which consists of fibres which are approximately 10μ (micro-meters) in diameter. In order to produce carbon fibre, carbon atoms are essentially glued together into a crystal type lattice. The crystals follow a uniform structure, thus giving a material with exceptional strength to weight ratio. When tens of thousands of carbon fibre are bound together, we have carbon fibre strands!

Carbon fibre has exceptional properties, such as very low weight, high tensile (pulling) strength, high chemical resistance, and exceptional resistance to both cold and heat. We typically see carbon fibre combined with other materials, such as graphite. These so called carbon-carbon composite materials have found application in certain specific sectors, such as aerospace, civil engineering, motorsports and in bespoke civil construction projects.

Where the designer & mechanical engineer endeavour to develop new concepts for carbon fibre composite, there are applications where the use of mechanical fixings such as nuts & bolts, are not viable! Only adhesive bonding.

As proud suppliers of Scigrip Structural Adhesives, we stock their entire range of high performance adhesives and sealant products, which form an integral part of many carbon fibre bonding applications. These adhesives offer outstanding application benefits such as a range of cure times, non sag characteristics and gap filling properties.

For all carbon fibre gluing applications, please contact our Technical Service Laboratories. Let us be your adhesive partner.