Adhesives for Medical Device Manufacture

Adhesives for Medical Device Manufacture

Med 1Medical device sector employs thousands of people in Ireland, and as Ireland’s most well known research based manufacturer of glues, sealants and adhesives, many of our products are used in a variety of medical device manufacturing operations.

In the medical device sector, applications vary widely, but typically involve bonding both plastics and metals.

In addition to performing the bonding function,  medical device adhesives must be compatible with both direct and indirect contact with the body.

When selecting an adhesive solution, the most important factor to consider is the specific composition of the materials being bonded. In this regard, it is vital that our technical staff understand the type of materials being bonded.

From an adhesive standpoint, the widespread replacement of easy-to-bond, high surface energy plastics with low surface energy alternatives like Pebax® has made bonding medical devices much more challenging. Still other engineering plastics such as Delrin®, Hytrel®, Crastin® and Zytel® are now used in the manufacture of insulin pens and gear parts for mobility devices. While not impossible to glue, caution is always advised in selecting the correct adhesive.

Here at W.I Polymers Ltd, we develop and distribute a wide range of industrial adhesives which are used to bond and seal components in a medical device manufacture. Contact our laboratories for advice.

Pebax® is a registered trademark of Arkema Chemical Company.

Delrin®, Hytrel®, Crastin® and Zytel® are registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.