Gluing Polystyrene Foam

Gluing Polystyrene Foam

Styrofoam Glue Ireland

Primarily due to the continued growth in constrution in Ireland, the demand for glue and adhesive for polystyrene will undoubtetly continue to grow for the remainder of 2015 & throughout 2016.

Polystyrene gluing primarily occurs within the constrution sector, and to a lesser extent, within the transport sector. Polystyrene is typically glued to various materials, the most common being plasterboard, plywood, silicate board, PVC and GRP. Polystyrene is sold under a range of trademarks including Styrodur®, Styropor® & Neopor®.

The choice of adhesives for gluing polystyrene is wide, the primary deciding factor being the mode of adhesive application, with spray, roller and trowel applied adhesives being available.

Spray adhesives are by far the most common type. These adhesives are sprayed onto both the polystyrene and surface onto which the polystyrene is being bonded. Within three minutes of spraying, the materials are placed in intimate contact with each other and uniform, constant pressure is applied. We stock a wide range of DeVilbiss® spray equipment.

Roller applied adhesive are primarily solvent free types. These adhesives need little in the way of application equipment, and require application onto only one side of the materials being bonded. Simple paint rollers or Pizzi® type rollers can be utilised.

Trowel applied adhesives are primarily used for gluing PVC to plasterboard, in the manufacture of cleanroom panels. These adhesives are non-slump and allow for immediate bonding with immediate tack.

For all polystyrene gluing applications, we offer the complete range of adhesive solutions. Contact our laboratories for further information.

Styrodur®, Styropor® & Neopor® are registered trademarks of BASF SE.