Gluing with Structural Glue

Gluing with Structural Glue

Structural Glue Ireland

Gluing lightweight materials with Structural Glue

Over the past decade, there have been many major advances in structural glue technology. These advances, though sometimes taking time to penetrate into the manufacturing sector, are now playing a pivotal role in the fabrication of bonded lightweight structures in many high-tech areas.

Whereas traditional materials such as mild steel and stainless steel were mechanically fixed, lightweight materials benefit greatly from adhesive bonding. The range of lightweight materials is exhausting, however, fibre-reinforced composites (FRP), metal matrix composites (MMC) and sheet moulding compound (SMC), are three of the most commonly used materials.

What are benefits in manufacturing lightweight materials?

Due to the obvious weight saving which the use of light weight materials offers, an increase  in fuel efficiency will lead directly to lower operating costs and reduced unit size. Also, due to a lower requirement for mechanical fixings, the aesthetic appearance of bonded panels may also be improved.

Lightweight materials do not rust and allow vehicle designers to fabricate unique design shapes which would be difficult or impossible to create using traditional metal processing techniques. The use of lightweight materials may also offer cost benefits for low volume applications and in the production of individual parts for high volume production.

Cost effective opportunities have now emerged for bonding heavily stressed structuresStructural Glue Ireland, using various materials with different thermal expansion coefficients. From wind power to aviation and from rail vehicle components to truck and bus fabrication, W.I Polymers, through our supply partner Scigrip, offer  a range of advanced adhesive solutions which  give the design and manufacturing engineer flexible solutions. Our products have enabled companies to lower manufacturing expenses, change part geometry and improve profitability.

Structural Glue IrelandScigrip structural adhesives have been formulated to provide outstanding bond strength when used with lightweight materials. These adhesive systems offer superior impact resistance and provide protection against the environmental extremes often encountered during service life.

All of Scigrip’s two component adhesive systems, feature excellent mechanical properties, outstanding electrical insulation and gap filling capability. Systems can be applied with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic dispensers. These adhesive systems are available in a range of cure times, which optimally fit into all manufacturing processes.

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