Gluing CPVC Pipes

Gluing CPVC Pipes

16 DONEWe had an interesting application this week. The maintenance department of a major pharmaceutical company contacted us looking for an adhesive to bond CPVC pipes.

CPVC is similar to traditional PVC, the principal mechanical difference between CPVC and PVC is that CPVC has significantly better flex and crush resistance than standard PVC. The additional mechanical strength of CPVC makes it a viable candidate for use in pipes which distribute hot, corrosive liquids.

For this application, our engineers specified Weld-On 729 adhesive. This is a  heavy bodied, slow setting cement for all classes of industrial piping,  including large interference fit pipes upto 600 mm diameter.

Weld-On 729 is the ideal adhesive choice for applications requiring high gap filling properties.

The adhesive is exceptionally easy to use, direct from the tin. By simply applying the adhesive to both the male & female pieces.

The adhesive is stocked and readily available from stock in both 946 ml tins and 3.785 lt tins.