Glue for Electronic Applications.

Glue for Electronic Applications.

Electronic Glue Ireland

The use of glue in the electronics sector

Glue is used in many electronic applications. Take for example, their use in Glob Tops. Glob tops are speciality sealing compounds which are designed to protect electronic components from moisture, dust and dirt.

Glob tops also protect sensitive components from both mechanical fatigue and vibration etc. Typically for glob top applications, UV cure adhesives or thermally cure one component epoxy adhesives are used.

With both adhesive chemistries, curing of the adhesive depended on external factors (UV light & heat), and these do not always fit in with all manufacturing processes.

We were recently contacted by a major electronics company, who were looking forElectronic Glue Ireland an ultra fast cold cure adhesive for encapsulating a soldered wire terminal on a micro speaker. The function of the adhesive was to redistribute the stress away from the soldered interconnects & also enhance the mechanical performance of the joint.

With speed being the first requirement, our Chemist decided to test our X265 adhesive.

X265 is an ultra fast cure, non sag, two component adhesives which cure rapidly to form a very durable & flexible bonds with high resistance to moisture, dust etc.

After full cure, the product will withstand temperatures of upto 160 °C and will remain unaffected by any subsequent processing.

We initially developed this adhesive for an automotive application & we were well aware if its resistance to solid & liquid contaminants. Following extensive customer trials, the X265 was approved and has been written into a manufacturing specification.

This is the type of service which our customers have come to expect from us. After all, we are Ireland’s only indigenous research based adhesives company!