What are Contact Adhesives?

What are Contact Adhesives?

Contact adhesive Ireland

Contact Adhesives

Contact glues or contact adhesives, they are used in every part of Ireland and we have all heard of them, but do we know what they are?

Contact adhesives are available in two main types, water based contact adhesive and solvent based contact adhesive. They can be applied by brush, spray or roller are used in the same fashion, i.e. the adhesive is applied to both of the surfaces to be bonded. Using this method, bonds instantly form on contact to a variety of surfaces with the need for only minimal clamping.

Contact adhesives are very multifunctional adhesives. They will stick to an exceptionally wide range of materials including most types of wood, metal, and a variety of plastic materials. Contact adhesives are also renowned for their adhesion to leather, cork, felt and canvas.

What are the benefits which contact adhesives bring to the production environment?

  • Very easy to apply with non-specialist labour.
  • Available in either solvent based or solvent free formulations.
  • Fast drying and are easy to apply using brush, spray or roller.
  • Excellent initial grab & high immediate bond strength.
  • Bond a wide variety of similar and dissimilar substrates.
  • Offer excellent heat and water resistance.

Contact adhesives can be used in an exceptionally wide range of applications, some of which include:

  • Gluing decorative veneers to MDF etc, in the manufacture of furniture.
  • Gluing various types of construction insulation materials.
  • Gluing carpets & trims in construction & vehicle conversion.
  • Ideal for use in handicrafts, shoe repair and leather work.

For all adhesive applications, please contact our Technical Service Laboratories.

Image courtesy of the KB Construction Company.