DP459, A New Solvent Free Floor Covering Adhesive

DP459, A New Solvent Free Floor Covering Adhesive

Kitty can now have fun with ease. Following months of development in our laboratories, we are pleased to intoduce DP 459, the first wholly developed & manufactured flooring adhesive which meets TGRS 610. The TGRS is the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and is a public health institution, which demands that adhesives containing solvents shall be substituted by products with lower health risks. DP 459 adhesives meet this criteria, and more.

DP 459 is completely odourless, solvent free, plasticiser free, and based on newly developed raw materials which are manufactured from bio-materials.

DP 459 adhesive is suitable for laying cork floorings with natural cork backing in according to ISO 3813 : 2004. It is also suitable for gluing veneered, waxed or pre-sealed cork wall coverings, carpet floorings on stairs on both absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors.

DP 459 has an open time of approximately 120 Р180 minutes, and a drying time of 30 Р45 minutes on absorbent subfloors and approximately  60 to 90 minutes on non-absorbent subfloors and on the back of the floor covering. The product is supplied in both 10 kg & 20 kg buckets.

As the variety of floor covering choices grows to meet aesthetic tastes and both safety and environmental issues, you can be sure that our research staff continue to advance the technology of bio-based raw materials.

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