Got a Glue Problem?

Got a Glue Problem?

If you are looking for Ireland’s largest range of industrial glues and sealants, you are at the right place. Thankfully for a range of customers this week, spending the time looking for glue solutions to their manufacturing woes, paid off!!

Recently, a vehicle conversation customer contacted us looking for a laminating adhesive with high heat & moisture resistance. The current supplier was able to offer an adhesive with the required  resistance properties, however, considering the high cost of the extraction equipment, needed to use the suggested adhesive, this was not an option. Our expertise in developing and manufacturing  solvent free laminating adhesives, allowed us to re-formulate one of our adhesives, to meet the customer requirement. Our W300 adhesive was applied through a pressurised tank, which was connected to a serrated glue spreader. The unique flow & non-drip characteristics of the W300, allowed for ease of application on the vertical surfaces! W300 boasts some very high heat resistance properties and dries within 30 minutes.

Following evaluation, our X50 anaerobic adhesive was written into a customers manufacturing specification. X50 is designed for permanently locking & sealing threaded fasteners and is a superior product within its class. The product was specified for a thread sealing application in  pump manufacturing. X50 has resistance to lubricating oils, displays high strength and very high durability.

Launched a mere six weeks ago, our U22 sealant achieved success with a major cladding company. U22 is now being manufactured in a range of 16 colours, and the ability to match sealant colours to surface colours, was a boon!

South Dublin County Council & the National Roads Authority (NRA) turned to us.20141101_133522 Recently, aluminium fence posts were installed on the N7 motorway. However, over a short period of time, the aluminium profiles, designed to cover the mechanical fixings used to anchor the fence to the fence post, vibrated violently in windy conditions.

Upon visiting the site with an Council Engineer, we saw that due to the design of the profiles, it would be impossible to mechanically fix them in place. However, it was important that the profiles could me removed, if a section of fence needed to be replaced. This application required some thought but we came up with an acceptable solution. We decided to use X410, which is a two component polyurethane adhesive, originally designed for temporarily tacking components within the electronics sector. On a warm summer day in Dublin, we could be found on a busy motorway, dressed in the customary bright orange vests. One drop of the X410 was applied to each side of the aluminium profile. Its low viscosity allowed it to flow well and it cured within 10 minutes. We returned to the site a few days ago and under the watchful eye of a Council Engineer, we were easily able to remove the aluminium profile, thus exposing the mechanical fixings. The X410 adhesive was approved for use. Job done!

Last but by no means least, one of our long standing customers was asked to toll manufacture a plastic insert for a multinational medical device manufacturer. The plastic being used  was Polyethylene terephthalate (PETG) , which can be a  difficult plastic to bond to. With plastics such as these, we normally evaluate a range of adhesives, designed for these so-called low surface energy surfaces. After several laboratory evaluations, Scigrip SG55 gave us the best bond strengths. Scigrip SG55 is a two-component, water clear, polyurethane adhesive, suggested for use in gluing various plastics including ABS, cellulose acetate butyrate and PETG.Our technician carried out a trial for the customer, and the Scigrip SG55 was approved.

Today’s designers have an exciting range of materials available for product design. Constant advances in plastics & composite materials, will bring with them a new generation of adhesive bonding challenges. With the experience & demonstrated ability to solve difficult bonding problems, our technical expertise is always at your disposal.