Ireland’s Best Range of Industrial Tapes!

Ireland’s Best Range of Industrial Tapes!

TapeAre you using adhesive tape in your manufacturing processes in Ireland? Every year, we sell many thousands of meters of high quality structural tape. Through our supply partners, we offer a truly unmatched variety of structural tapes, which find their way into a vast variety of industrial applications.

Our structural tapes are used in a whole range of industrial applications, ranging from structural co-bonding with various adhesive chemistries including methacrylate, epoxy or polyurethane adhesives, to bonding everything considerable within the plastics, composites and metal sectors.

Our tapes are commonly used in various industrial sectors including the automotive sector, particularly in bonding internal metal and plastic trims, light fittings and even number-plates! Our tapes are also used in cladded frame assembly operations and  in industrial panel bonding. Within the construction sector, our tapes are used to bond both internal & external architectural panels.

A growing market for our tapes is within the electronics and solar sector.

Notwithstanding the supply of structural tapes, our expertise expands to the manufacture of a range of cleaners and adhesion promoting primers, used on difficult to bond to surfaces like polyethylene and polypropylene.

When using any of our structural tapes, there are a few points which manufacturers should consider.

  1. Always store structural tapes in their original packaging & in a cool and dry place.
  2. Ensure that all surfaces to be bonded are completely clean and free of dust and loose particles.
  3. If required, clean with a top quality degreasing solvent such as Z100.
  4. Use the maximum surface area available when applying the tape.
  5. To obtain maximum contact between the tape and the surface, light pressure should be applied to the joint area.
  6. Typically, after 20 minutes, 50% of the bond strength is achieved, 90% after 24 hours and 100% after 72 hours.
  7. Avoid significant load bearing to the bond area directly after the tape has been applied.
  8. Typically, apply the tape between +20 °C & + 36 °C.
  9. Certain surfaces may require priming or sealing. Be mindful of this.
  10. Certain metals, such as aluminium, brass and copper oxidise upon exposure to air. This oxide layer is best removed and the surface cleaned prior to bonding.

For all applications involving structural tapes, our mechanical engineer is happy to advise on the correct tape for the given application.

Your products are important to us. We work in close cooperation with our customers, improving the manufacturing process and helping to create value. Let us be your partner in adhesive tapes.