Packaging Glue Sticks in Ireland

Packaging Glue Sticks in Ireland

Glue sticks Ireland

Glue Sticks 1Glue Sticks provide an instant, fast, clean and versatile bond between a myriad of industrial, household and craft materials.

There are two glue sticks on our range, H20 clear glue sticks & H50 tan glue sticks.

Both types of stick are 11.5 mm wide and 300 mm long & provide an instant bond for most materials including, fabrics, wood, leather, cardboard, a variety of metals and plastics, polystyrene, and ceramics.

H20 is a slow-set, clear coloured glue stick, which finds use in a range of application’s including fabric & plastic gluing, gluing blinds & lampshades, gluing foams, picture frame manufacture and a whole host of other general assembly applications.

H50 is a fast-set tan coloured glue stick. This glue stick is typically used in applications involving the use of cardboard. For example, in the manufacture of point of sale displays and box sealing. H50 is also commonly used in the manufacture of sample books, gluing carpet grippers & in the general upholstery and furniture sector.

What are the benefits of using glue sticks?

  • Once heated and gunned out, they provide instant adhesion.
  • They are fast, clean and versatile.
  • They offer high strength bond.
  • Glue sticks are on-toxic.
  • They have a very low odour.
  • There is no wastage as its a solid adhesive.
  • They have a long shelf life.
  • Glue sticks adhere to many materials.

We offer four different types of glue gun. The difference between each is the glue output (the amount a hot melt glue which the fun can melt in one hour).

The GU8 gluegun is a light use very light industrial & DIY gun. Glue output is 800g/Hour.

The GU12 gluegun is similar to the GU8 but it has a higher melt rate and suitable for light industrial jobs and DIY applications. Glue output is 1.0 kg/Hour.

The GU16 gluegun is a heat adjustable mid-use industrial gluegun suitable for use where control of adhesive temperature is required, typically where heat sensitive materials are being bonded. Commonly used in the window blind and florist sector). Glue output is 2.0 kg/Hour.

The GU20 gluegun is heat adjustable industrial gluegun which finds typical use in the corrugated board sector where it is used for gluing point-of-sale displays. It is a lightweight gun with finely engineered ergonomic features thus reducing user fatigue. Glue output is 2.5 kg/Hour.

Our technical department are always pleased to advise customers on the most suitable glue stick and gun, to satisfy all applications.