Gluing EPDM Rubber

Gluing EPDM Rubber

Gluing Rubber IrelandGluing EPDM Rubber with Industrial Glue

EPDM…..a wonderful material….widely used in Ireland but gluing EPDM rubber can be heartache! What is EPDM? EPDM is an acronym for Extremely Problematic Diabolical Material! Well actually, it’s Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a synthetic rubber, produced using the marvels of industrial chemistry.

EPDM has some wonderful properties. It has amazing heat and weather resistance and very high electrical resistance properties. It has many industrial applications, the main applications being in the automotive sector. It is used in door and window seals, engine coolant pipes, radiator hoses and in the air intake manifold. In construction applications, EPDM is used to manufacture door seals, pond and roof liners and in general industry for the manufacture conveyor and pulley belts and a whole host of electrical applications.

A wonderful material indeed, but how can you glue it? Upto now, there were few choices. Upto now, the only choice was in the use of (cyanoacrylate) superglue. However, superglue degrades in contact with water. Even if the EPDM is solvent wiped and primed, superglue will still decompose quickly!

Gluing Rubber IrelandFor gluing EPDM, the only product to use is DP5/3. This is a single component, solvent free adhesive, designed specifically for gluing EPDM to itself and a wide range of metals such as aluminium, stainless steel and anodized steel & plastics such as ABS & PVC. The product offers excellent initial tack and bond strength. The product finds many applications. It is used to seal joints in EPDM flooring and to bond EPDM to concrete. It also finds use in gluing door seals in the refrigeration sector. One key customer is using DP5/3 in the manufacture of EPDM linings for dust chutes. Another customer used DP5/3 to bond EDPM trims on vehicles.

When applied correctly, DP5/3 exhibits bonds with exceptional strength and with added resistance to heat, water and overall outdoor exposure. For all EPDM bonding applications, our DP5/3 is the obvious choice.

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