Acrylic Glue for Boat Repair

Acrylic Glue for Boat Repair

Glue Ireland

The boat repair market in Ireland has something to celebrate ,with the launch of a new glue. We are happy to introduce Scigrip SG 200 methacrylate adhesive technology to the Irish market. Scigrip SG 200 serves in critical bonding and sealing applications and enhances the performance of recreational fishing boats, as well as other personal watercraft.

Scigrip SG 200 is the premium choice for carrying out hull repairs in all types of watercraft .

The use of Scigrip SG 200 ensures ultimate bond strength and prevents water from entering the board’s internal section.

Due to the unique rheology and flow of SG 200, no additional sealing steps are required after the hull pieces are repaired!

Scigrip’s SG 200 series of adhesives are two-component, 10:1 mix ratio products used for bonding composites and thermoplastics.

The SG 200 Series of adhesives requires absolute minimal surface preparation and offers a very convenient choice of 10, 20 and 40-minute working times. Scigrip SG 200 helps maximise repair efficiency!

What benefits does Scigrip SG 200 offer to the boat refurbishment sector?

  • It reduces bond line read through & post finishing requirements.
  • It provides consistent performance.
  • It decreases repair time.
  • It needs only minimum surface preparation.
  • It’s non-sag characteristics are astounding!
  • It has excellent fatigue, impact and shock load resistance.

Adhesion properties of Scigrip SG 200 Series adhesives are to say the least….impressive. They include a tensile strength of 2,000 – 2,500 psi, a lap shear strength of 2,400 – 2,800 psi, and a tensile modulus of 60,000 – 75,000 psi. This is the best glue you can use for many areas of watercraft refurbishment.

The Scigrip SG2 00 is widely used for marine, transportation and general plastic bonding applications. Packaging options include 490 ml cartridges and 19 and 189 litre bulk containers for application with meter-mix dispense equipment. We maintain stocks of both pack sizes.

Delivering superior adhesion and sealing properties, while requiring minimal surface preparation, Scigrip SG 200 can be used for bonding a wide range of materials in personal watercraft applications. The obvious choice.