Silicone for Glazing & Cladding Applications

Silicone for Glazing & Cladding Applications

Building 1The market for silicone sealant in Ireland, is on the rise. Following recent advances in silicone chemistry, we are please to introduce U22 silicone sealant, a very unique and easy to use sealant based on a self curing technology.

U22 is a innovative single component polysiloxane sealant which opens the door to a range of new sealing applications within the glazing, cladding & roofing sector. The product has exceptional adhesion to aluminium, stainless steel and a full range of the commonly used building materials.

U22 is the choice sealant for any top-sealing application within the glazing sector. The product may be used for sealing double glaze units (DGU’s) and security glass panels containing poly vinyl butyryl (PVB) as the unique chemistry contained in U22 will not attack the butyl sealant or the PVB film. It is also very suitable for joint and seam sealing on all plastisol coated roof and wall cladding of the Kingspan® type. The product forms an exceptionally long life weatherproof seal. Due to its non-acid formulation, it will not corrode the plastisol coating. U22 is the choice product for sealing all painted timber joints and for sealing joints on painted wood to PVC construction elements. For joint sealing with unpainted timber elements, we suggest priming with X255 primer.

U22 offers the contractor, a range of unique properties…..

  • Non-toxic & completely solvent free.
  • Easy application through standard manual or pneumatic application guns.
  • Permanently colour & UV resistant.
  • Primerless adhesion to most building materials.
  • Exceptionally strong & permanently elastic.
  • Excellent temperature resistance (-50°C to +150°C).

U22 is currently supplied in 310 ml cartridges with an initial colour range of snow white, anthracite grey (RAL 7016)  , white aluminium (RAL 9006) and transparent.