Zero Odour Glue for Carpet Tiles

Zero Odour Glue for Carpet Tiles

Companies all over Ireland, and further afield, turn to W.I Polymer’s adhesives for their often unique properties and the performance advantages captured in the state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. Every day, our waterbased glues are put to work in the most demanding applications, giving manufacturers a proven edge over many imported adhesives. Not a day goes by when our Applications Laboratory would receive an unusual enquiry.

Several weeks ago, we were contacted by a large Dublin based flooring contractor who had been given the job to lay carpet tiles in a large seven floor retirement home for senior citizens. While the application was simple, the parameters were not. Due to the location in which the adhesive was to be used, a ‘zero odour product’ was specified.

Our chemist evaluated the normal palette of raw materials, including waterbased acrylic resins, used in such applications but this project needed some lateral thinking. We evaluated a range of organic materials, carrying out odour tests as we proceeded.

As a result of our indept research, DP418 was born. This waterbased adhesive was based on naturally occurring raw materials and finally got the ‘thumbs up’ from the contractor. Our DP418 is now used in all of their carpet tile laying applications.

DP418 is a fast drying adhesive and was tested in accordance with ASTM D6325-98 (2011) ”Test Method for Determining Open Assembly Time of Carpet¬† Adhesives”. The adhesive fully meets the requirements of EN 717 as a formaldehyde free adhesive and also conforms to the Textile Floor Covering Standard EN 1307. DP418 is conveniently packed in returnable 10 kg drums and 25 kg Gerrycan’s. We are Ireland’s ‘Greenest’ adhesives manufacturer.