The In’s & Out’s of PVA Glue

The In’s & Out’s of PVA Glue

PVA Glue use has a long history in Ireland. First imported in the 1930’s, it replaced starch adhesives in the packaging sector and nearly 100 years later, the bulk of PVA glue is still used within the paper& packaging sector. Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) was discovered in Germany in 1912. In the early 1920’s Wacker Chemie established an industrial process for the manufacture of PVA using acetic acid (concentrated vinegar) and acetylene. Acetylene is a flammable gas which was used for lighting but with the advent of electric lighting, a new use for acetylene was found.

Water DropletsPVA Glue has many interesting properties. Key amongst them is its lack of environmental impact, toxicity and ease of use. All of our waterbased glues are 100% biodegradable. None of them contain plasticisers or solvents and this makes them practically odourless. They are perfectly suitable for the most demanding applications within the food and pharmaceutical packaging sector. Ease of glue application is of critical importance in most high speed packaging applications. Our PVA packaging grades exhibit exceptionally clean running properties, whether applied by roller, bead, spray or dauber.Our adhesive system has set the new standard for use in both pressurised Mactron® & Nordson® cold gluing extrusion heads.

As Ireland’s leading manufacturer of PVA glue, we have a grade to suit most applications. PVA glue is typically used in the packaging sector where is ease of application & fast drying characteristics are well acknowledged. We develop and manufacture our PVA glues using state of the art industrial mixing equipment. We are the only adhesive manufacturing company in Ireland to operate a complete ‘closed loop’ manufacturing process. Our water-based glue department produces no liquid waste. Everything is reused! We are Ireland’s ‘greenest’ glue manufacturer

Our PVA glue’s are used in a range of packaging and associated sectors and we  are experts at developing glues for most bonding applications. Our PVA’s find widespread use all over Ireland and further afield. Below is a partial list of the applications in which our PVA glues are used.

  • Envelope Manufacture (side seams, flap, window patch and self seal).
  • Tube Winding (spiral, convolute, composite and anaconda seal).
  • Carton Manufacture (side gluing and overhead).
  • Bag & Sack Manufacture (side seam & bottom).
  • Corrugated Case Manufacture (all applications).
  • Litho Laminated Carton Manufacture (single & double faced, seam & crash lock)
  • Box Covering & File Manufacture (manual & automated).
  • Laminating (paper & board, reel to reel, sheet to sheet.
  • Filmic Lamination (Opp to paper).

Each area of the industry requires a PVA adhesive for a variety of different substrates, which have to be adhered on many types of machines and at different line speeds. Different varieties and porosities of fluted card require water based adhesives of varying solids content.

As an example of this, glues for decorative packaging, such as display and presentation boxes, need adhesives with high solids content combined with exceptionally goog wetting characteristics on filmic substrates, such as OPP.

To help overcome some of the decisions that take place in these varied applications, and when production/technical problems occur, our experienced technical team & modern production plant combine to offer you high performance adhesives which satisfy specific needs with optimum cost effectiveness.

Companies all over Ireland, and further afield, turn to W.I Polymers PVA adhesives for their unique properties and performance advantages captured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. We package our PVA adhesives in 25 kg, 120 kg & 1000 kg containers.

Every day, our waterbased PVA adhesives are put to work in the most demanding applications, giving manufacturers a proven edge over imported adhesives. For environmentally friendly PVA glues for most all applications, we are your partners.