Hi-Bond® Flame Retardant Tapes

Hi-Bond® Flame Retardant Tapes

Glue Supplier

photo_12656_20090804As the best known company in Ireland for supplying industrial structural adhesive tapes, very are pleased to introduce to the market in Ireland, the range of Hi-Bond® flame retardant acrylic foam tapes. These acrylic foam tapes offer superior bonding while also acting as a fire retardant barrier. These tapes will fully bond to a very wide range of materials and find exceptionally wide applications within the construction, transportation and aviation sectors. As an example, they are very suitable for joint sealing in structural elements, sealing joints in engine housings etc. We currently offer two flame retardant  tapes VST6064 WFR & VST6110 WFR. These tapes are exceptionally easy to use. They are available in a wide range of standard and off standard widths.

They offer the following benefits:

  •  Very easy to use.
  •  Replaces screws, rivets and most other mechanical fixings.
  •  Blocks oxygen
  •  Provide a thermal wall against smoke and other combustion gases.

Both of these tapes have the following approvals:

  • Underwriters Laboratory UL94 V-2
  • Civil Aviation approval FAR/JAR 25.853(a)-12s Vert. App F. Pt I (a) (1ii)
  • Civil Aviation approval FAR/JAR 25.853(d)-Smoke Density App F Pt V
  • Civil Aviation approval ABD0031-Smoke Density
  • Civil Aviation approval ABD0031-Toxic Gas Emission

Using customer supplied building elements, our Research Laboratory has the facilities to carry our several tests within the BS476 standard. Please contact our Technical Department for specific advise.